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4 Reasons : Why  you should not  update to iOS 16

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Reason 1

iOS 16 is not perfect itself yet, as for new software. Some of the  iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro users had issues with FaceTime and iMessage until Apple released a patch and fixed them.

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A previous error also saw the iPhone’s camera not working properly, again until Apple fixed it.

Reason 2

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Reason 3

Operating systems  updates are designed with the latest version ,  so it won't be well optimized for older versions .

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Reason 4

Many of the people using older versions of iPhones may find their devices slower after updating the latest version of iOS .

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Lastly , there will be some people that would love the latest version because they are getting benefits from iOS 16’s new features .

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Handsets like the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and original iPhone SE are all iOS 15 compatible, but haven’t made the cut for iOS 16 compatibility.

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Ideally, Apple will fix this and some other iOS 15 errors before the update leaves beta, however after that don't anticipate such a large number of additional iOS 15 updates - that wouldn't shock us at all if 15.7.1.

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iOS 15, on the other hand, is a pretty stable release now, having been available for over a year, so this latest issue notwithstanding, some users may want to stick with it until Apple can work out the main kinks with iOS 16.

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