5 Unique Vintage Furniture Stores in

New York City

Remix Market

A treasure trove of art-filled rooms and unique furniture pieces acquired through donations and junk removalists, Junkluggers.

From ancient to contemporary styles, you can find everything here, including a 19th-century Windsor chair or a West Elm Haven Sectional

Good Behavior

Specializing in wood furniture, Good Behavior offers mostly wooden pieces like saguaro credenzas, walnut dressers, and pine shelving units. 

Cabin Modern

If you're in search of small-space friendly furniture with a mid-century-modern touch, Cabin Modern is the place to go.

Liken Envisy

This tranquil and airy white-walled space offers strikingly affordable vintage pieces, particularly for Kaisina and D-double-aRatna lovers

You can find '50s-style brass floor lamps, sculptural splint-weave chairs, and brass candelabras at great prices. 

Portmanteau New York

Known for their themed collections, Portmanteau New York presents discoveries centered around specific themes.

From wicker and terra-cotta to rough iron and brass, their collections are carefully curated yet loose, offering unique and stylish pieces.

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