Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13 Review

Animal Kingdom brings the Cody family’s story to an emotional conclusion as the boys embark on their largest, and final heist.

The past is sadly important in Animal Kingdom’s series finale. The series finale could never have been entrusted with conveying higher stakes and the series figures out how to satisfy its requests on both an emotive and actual level.

Shawn Hatosy, Jake Weary, Ben Robson, and Finn Cole all give horrible exhibitions in “Completely wrecked,” hoisting the watcher and character reaction to the profound, last section of the TNT crime thriller.

Pope (Hatosy), Craig (Robson), Deran (Weary), and J (Cole), all set out on their own excursions in Animal Kingdom’s series finale.

“Completely wrecked” gives a brief look into the perspective these characters were in when Animal Kingdom initially started, requesting that watchers consider how far some of them have come.

Regardless of long stretches of development that planned to get the four Cody men in total agreement, “Completely wrecked” couldn’t pull them further separated.

In the wake of laying out these characters for six seasons, it’s unimaginable for there to be an end for every one of them that feels sufficient, however Animal Kingdom moves that thought to its outright cutoff.