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Carly Simon Loses Both Sisters

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Musician Carly Simon has lost both of her sisters, Lucy and Joanna, due to cancer.

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Lucky died due to breast cancer at the age of 82 on Thursday .

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While Joanna died at the age of 85 due to thyroid cancer on Wednesday.

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Lucky is mainly known throughout her life as a composer on Broadway, and Joanna mainly known as an Opera Singer.

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Lucky Simon was nominated for a Tony award in Original Score for her work on the long running musical " The Secret Garden."

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Joanna Simon started performing regularly in opera when she made her debut at the New York City in 1962 .

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After the retirement of Joanna from music  she worked as an arts correspondent for PBS’s “MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour” until 1992, where she won an Emmy in 1991 .

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Joanna  was married to novelist and journalist Gerald Walker .

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Lucy and Joanna Simon’s deaths follow the death of brother Peter who was a photographer , who died due to cardiac arrest.