Here 8 Ways USA Billionaires

 Use to Avoid Paying Taxes

Unrealized Capital Gains Tax

Most billionaires pay remarkably low taxes due to their wealth being tied up in assets rather than significant income

Charitable Deductions

Wondering how Warren Buffett's tax rate is lower than his secretary's? 

He donates billions in Berkshire Hathaway stock to charity annually, utilizing charitable deductions on his taxes.

Long-Term Capital Gains Rates

Billionaires primarily earn income through investments, including realized gains and dividends from stocks.

IRA Conversions

 Peter Thiel's fascinating story involves turning a $2,000 investment into a $5 billion Roth IRA windfall.

Pass-Through Income Deduction

The 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act introduced a 20% deduction on pass-through income for those below certain income thresholds.

This applies to LLCs, partnerships, and even smaller businesses' ordinary and self-employment income.

Mortgage Interest Deduction

Homeowners enjoy tax benefits, like the mortgage interest deduction,

Essentially, this encourages homeownership by reducing borrowing costs for home purchases.

Real Estate Investment Benefits

 Real estate investments offer various tax advantages, including the significant depreciation deduction.