The Thrilling UFC Showdown

Adesanya vs. Strickland

Adesanya and Strickland start cautiously, circling each other. Adesanya goes for a high kick, but Strickland keeps his distance.

Round 1

Strickland presses Adesanya against the cage and lands a right hook. Adesanya survives, but the challenger is now gaining momentum.

Strickland's commendable discipline forces Adesanya to be patient. His defense has kept him in a good position so far. 

Round 2

Adesanya continues to explore his options with high kicks and low jabs. There have been skirmishes here and there, but both fighters maintain some distance.

Adesanya continues his effort for high kicks, but Strickland counters him. Adesanya evades a left hook but gets caught in Strickland's quick right jab.

Round 3

Round 3

At the end of the previous round, Strickland gets a strong message from his corner to avoid the risky decisions.

Round 4

Can he turn it around here? Strickland lands another solid jab on Adesanya. And the distance battle against the champion remains alive.

Adesanya starts round 5 with a high-energy attack, but Strickland keeps his composure.

Round 5

The round ends with both fighters keeping their guard up. Strickland believes he has done enough to win.

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