The Real Story behind Fake Unboxed Aliens

In 2023, the world was captivated by the "Unboxed" "Aliens," who were purportedly "discovered" in Peru in late 2016 or early 2017.

These aliens were allegedly found in the burial grounds of Nazca, an area known for its famous Nazca Lines created by indigenous people known as the Nazca.

In February 2017, "The Alien Project" launched a crowdfunding campaign to investigate the "Nazca Mummies" using scientific analysis, including DNA and C14 testing.

The campaign claimed, "You can trust us," promising to denounce any hoax or fake findings. Donors were reassured that no hoax had been found yet.

The campaign was led by Thierry Jamin, who claimed to be an archaeologist but was also an advocate for the fraudulent aliens.

The campaign highlighted the "extraordinary quality" of the figures, mummies resembling creatures with three-fingered hands

The discovery wasn't credited to Jamin but to Louis Quispe, also known as Paul R. Jamin described him as a "holder of unbelievable secrets."

It was later revealed that the "Aliens" were created with materials like a bat, wooden flaps, epoxy, and were designed to deceive.

Real scientists debunked the hoax, showing that the "Alien" remains were human. Detailed research exposed the fakery.

Despite opposition, the hoaxers persisted, and even media figures like Jaime Maussan got involved. The world saw how a captivating story unraveled.

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