7 Things That Make Europeans Go “WTF?” About America

7 Things That Make Europeans Go "WTF?" About America

7 Things That Make Europeans Go “WTF?” About America


1. Education Won’t Bankrupt You

Getting an education in modern America often means taking on heavy student loans. This can be quite surprising for many Europeans. In their eyes, every individual has the right to proper education, and no one should go bankrupt trying to better themselves. It’s a valid point, and I believe even many indebted Americans would agree!

2. …And Nor Should Visiting a Hospital

Unfortunately, the desire for a college degree isn’t the only thing causing Americans to declare personal bankruptcy. Healthcare in the United States is exorbitantly expensive. This fact baffles many Europeans who are used to universal healthcare in their home countries. When will the United States seriously consider fundamental changes to its current medical system?

3. No Sugar in European Bread

According to European food standards, a significant portion of bread produced in America is classified as pastries due to high sugar content! Europeans would be quick to tell America that you don’t need sugar to make good bread. A European says, “If you go to a grocery store here in the United States, finding bread without sugar ranked high in the ingredient list is nearly impossible. I’ve tried, and it’s beyond frustrating.”

4. Tipping is Foolishness

European folks are bewildered by the American tipping culture, wondering why American-based companies can’t pay their servers and bartenders properly. This is a valid argument shared equally by Europeans and Americans. As a former bartender, I often wondered how the United States became so tipping-focused in the first place.

5. Taking an Oath is Terrifying

Can we, as Americans, be honest with ourselves and agree that taking an oath of allegiance is scary, especially when schoolchildren are coerced into doing so? One man admits, “As an American, I didn’t realize this until I studied abroad and my European friends told me they don’t have anything equivalent.” “I’ve only heard of something like this in North Korea. It’s genuinely frightening.”

6. You Don’t Need a Massive Truck for Your Commute

This one’s official: Europeans chuckle at Americans for spending unnecessary money on oversized pickup trucks. Some Europeans believe that some Americans are overcompensating for certain inadequacies! Well, these folks have a point: You don’t need a prestigious yacht on wheels for your daily commute to the office.

7. American Football is Puzzling

I can’t argue with those Europeans who think American football is slow and stop-start compared to the non-stop action of European football (soccer). One sports fan revealed, “I once watched an American football match, and it was endless stop-start throughout the whole game.” “I swear it felt like there was a commercial break every five minutes.” American football is saturated with commercials; I can’t dispute that!


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