Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend Takes Legal Action Over $8 Million Non-Disclosure Agreement

Tiger Woods' Ex-Girlfriend Takes Legal Action Over $8 Million Non-Disclosure Agreement

Tiger Woods’ former girlfriend, Rachel Uchitel, has filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that he owes her money for violating a non-disclosure agreement. According to the lawsuit, Woods agreed to pay Uchitel $8 million in exchange for her silence about their relationship.

Uchitel claims that Woods breached the agreement by speaking publicly about their relationship during a 2019 interview. She also alleges that Woods did not fulfill his financial obligations under the agreement.

In response, Woods’ lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that Uchitel’s claims are baseless and that she is attempting to extort money from him. They argue that Woods has already paid Uchitel $5 million and that she has no legal basis for seeking additional funds.

The lawsuit comes at a difficult time for Woods, who is recovering from serious injuries sustained in a car accident in February 2021. Woods has not yet commented publicly on the lawsuit, and it is unclear how it will be resolved.

Overall, the lawsuit is a reminder of the challenges that come with being a high-profile public figure, and the potential legal repercussions of relationships that are subject to non-disclosure agreements.


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