We just got our first big clue to the Samsung Galaxy S23 release date

We just got our first big clue to the Samsung Galaxy S23 release date

We just got our first big clue to the Samsung Galaxy S23 release date : It might be sooner than we anticipated for the Samsung Galaxy S23 to go on sale. The Samsung Unpacked event will take place on February 1, according to a reliable leaker, and at that time the new Samsung S23 might make its debut.

It relies on Twitter, where “February 1” and “Galaxy Unpacked” were posted, according to ice world(Opens in a new tab). Even though there was another report earlier this week that Samsung might postpone the release of the Galaxy S23 while it deliberated on price for the three varieties, we are giving this most recent leak more credence.

What this leak means for the Galaxy S23 release date

If the date of February 1 is accurate, it will be just over a week before Samsung’s Unpacked presentation for the Galaxy S22 series, which was held on February 9 of last year. Pre-orders started on the same day as Unpacked on February 9; however, the Galaxy S22’s official sale date was February 25.

Therefore, if Samsung follows a similar pattern this year, pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S23 might begin as early as February 1 and the release date could be February 17.

What do you expect from the Galaxy S23

The makeover of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus is more akin to that of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Since there was no evident camera module, the curved design had to be replaced with a more beautiful unibody appearance on the back.

It’s expected that the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU, which impressed in preliminary benchmark results, will power all three Galaxy S23 versions. In fact, a jailbroken version of the chip might be present in all three S23 smartphones.

A fingerprint that can be 17 times larger than the one currently supported by Samsung’s in-display fingerprint readers is another alleged feature. Additionally, it can scan numerous fingerprints at once.

To rival the iPhone 14, the Galaxy S23 series might also provide satellite communications. Users would be able to utilize this to contact assistance in an emergency even if they are not within Wi-Fi or cellular range. According to reports, the Samsung software will permit the transmission of SMS and low-resolution photographs; the iPhone’s functionality does not permit the sharing of photos.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to offer the biggest improvement, since it is expected to have a 200MP main camera, which is a significant improvement above the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s existing ultra-wide 108MP sensor. And for all three models, we can see an enhanced 12MP front camera.

Rumors and leaks are sure to intensify now that the Galaxy S23 has a potential release date. So, as the big day approaches, be sure to check out our Samsung Galaxy S23 hub and Galaxy S23 Ultra page for the most recent information.



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