Angry Birds Joins the Sega Family: What to Expect from This Exciting Partnership

Angry Birds Joins the Sega Family: What to Expect from This Exciting Partnership

Angry Birds Joins the Sega Family: What to Expect from This Exciting Partnership

Sega Sammy Holdings announced plans in April to make a ‘Tender Offer’ to purchase “the entirety of Rovio’s outstanding shares and options” for €706 million ($776 million).

The official Sega Twitter account confirmed the merger today by posting an image of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles teaming up with the Angry Birds.

The tweet reads, “Welcome to the Sega family, Rovio!” We are overjoyed to announce that Rovio has joined the Sega Group. “Get ready for some exciting adventures.”

When the acquisition was announced in April, Sega noted that Rovio’s board of directors had “agreed to and expressed support towards the Tender Offer.”

Sega also indicated that the transaction would be completed by the end of September.

Sega announced at the time that it had acquired the Angry Birds studio in order to expand its own live service mobile gaming portfolio.

It intends to employ “Rovio’s distinct expertise in live service mobile game operation to bring Sega’s current and new titles to the global mobile gaming market, where there is significant potential.”

At the same time, Sega argues that Rovio wants to expand beyond mobile gaming and wants to assist it in doing so.

“Rovio’s platform is aiming to expand outside of mobile gaming, and Sega will actively look to support this process through its capabilities,” it claims.

According to Sega Sammy Holdings president and group CEO Haruki Satomi, “the mobile gaming market has especially high potential among the rapidly growing global gaming market, and it has been Sega’s long-term goal to accelerate its expansion in this field.”

“I feel myself lucky to be able to announce such a transaction with Rovio, a company that owns Angry Birds, a globally popular game, and is home to many skilled employees who support the company’s industry-leading mobile game development and operating capabilities.”

“Historically, Sega has released countless video game titles to various gaming platforms, as represented by the Sonic the Hedgehog series.” I am convinced that major synergies will be developed in the future by combining both firms’ brands, characters, fanbases, corporate culture, and functioning.”


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