Good Luck Chuck Cast and Review


Good Luck Chuck Cast and Review

The right lady cannot be found, according to Charlie Logan, a dentist who has been cursed from birth. Even worse, he learns that every one of his ex-girlfriends finds genuine love in a man she meets after their relationship has ended. After learning of Charlie’s reputation as a good luck charm, women from all over come to him in droves.

But after Charlie meets the lady of his dreams, he must figure out how to end the curse or risk losing her to the next guy she meets.


Good Luck Chuck Cast

  • Jessica Alba as Cam Wexler
  • Dane Cook as Dr. Charlie Logan
  • Lonny Ross as Joe
  • Elia English as Reba
  • Caroline Ford as Jennifer
  • Troy Gentile as Young Stu
  • Mackenzie Mowat as Birthday Girl
  • Chelan Simmons as Carol
  • Sasha Pieterse as Goth Girl

Review of Good Luck Chuck

I won’t claim that Dane Cook has never been funny, but he is all over the place right now. But in this case, he essentially trades his heart for nothing. In the first half, he manages to elicit a few well-timed chuckles, but in the second, he engages in one of the most intolerable instances of overacting ever captured on camera. He has no association with Jessica Alba, who keeps turning out dreadfully subpar movies. Although she may not be a particularly good actor, she deserves better.

Dan Fogler, who just made me laugh in Balls of Fury, plays the role of Charlie’s buddy and breast implant surgeon as he puts everyone to the test. Each joke is clear from this point.

Comedies that are as awful and foolish as My best hopes Chuck only makes an annual appearance, so any attempt to surpass this would require a pretty horrific act against humanity. The rarity of a well-done romantic comedy never ceases to astound me. All you need is a few outstanding characteristics and the illusion of intelligence. We don’t mind the ending because we are all aware of it. Good fortune Chuck is one of the worst films of the year and fails on every level.

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