The Blue Jays trade Daulton Varsho from the Diamondbacks

The Blue Jays trade Daulton Varsho from the Diamondbacks

The Blue Jays trade Daulton Varsho from the Diamondbacks  : After a deal that appears to be a match made in heaven between the Blue Jays and Diamondbacks, strong defensive player Daulton Varsho leaves for Canada.

Traders generally believe that there are winners and losers in each trade. Either someone underpaid or someone got paid less. The losing side will feel shame. One side will take pride.

Then there are agreements like the one reached on Friday between the Blue Jays and Diamondbacks, in which everyone wins.

Dalton Varsho, an outfielder, was acquired by the Blue Jays. The Diamondbacks traded a player in a stocked position for two guys they had recovered. Each side received what they required.

The Toronto Blue Jays are a commercial team.

Teoscar Hernandez was recently traded by Toronto, which increased their need for an outfielder. Just now, they got a big one.

27 home runs, 74 RBI, and 16 stolen bases totaled 443 last season. His power would complement the Blue Jays’ lineup beautifully.

His defense distinguishes him from the competition. He’s an immediate improvement in this area because he’s widely regarded as the finest defensive player in the league. In 2021, defensive WAR was 2.0. With the help of Danny Jansen, Toronto’s defense had a WAR rating of 1.0 last season.

They would have had to give up a significant opportunity in Gabriel Moreno in order to obtain Varsho, but doing so would have been illogical. Alejandro Kirk has completed his All-Star season and will keep the catch’s future promising. Regardless of how excellent Moreno is, Kirk was always going to be hard to pass.

Arizona Diamondbacks Commercial Grade: A

Even though Varsho has been excellent for Arizona, his value as a business asset was just more than his value to retain due to the abundance of new talent in that industry. It would be a wise long-term decision to trade him for a prospect like Moreno and a productive player like Gurriel.

Corbin Carroll, Jake McCarthy, Alec Thomas, Kyle Lewis, and now Juriel in a stadium would be fine in Arizona.

They reportedly recruited Moreno, a talented catcher, to add to their lineup’s potential.

In the end, Varsho will aid the Blue Jays in achieving their goal of winning right away. Moreno will reinforce the idea that the Diamondbacks are looking toward the future. You might find this exchange as an example if you look up the word “win” in the dictionary.



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