Wordle 788: The Answer Is So Hard, You’ll Need These Hints

Wordle 788: The Answer Is So Hard, You'll Need These Hints

Wordle 788: The Answer Is So Hard, You’ll Need These Hints

Wordle problems are increasingly more difficult as the month progresses. Following a relaxing weekend, it’s time to be on high alert as the game attempts to end your winning run. Because of its ingenious tactics, today’s word may have you scratching your head in annoyance. It may be especially difficult for new and casual gamers. But don’t worry, Wordle has hints and clues to help you. You can use them to obtain important information that will help you guess the word. If you still require assistance, the solution is offered below.

ALERT: SPOILER ALERT! SCRUB is the word for today. It implies “to scrub something vigorously in order to clean it, particularly with a stiff brush, soap, and water.”

Today’s problem has no repeated letters, which is great news for puzzle fans. However, that is where the benefits end. The word is uncommon in general and uses uncommon letters. This can make it more difficult to identify hints and create educated guesses. The key to solving today’s puzzle is to predict an unusual word and avoid looking for common letters. It is best to begin with a word made up of fewer common letters.

Let’s look at the hints for Wordle 788 on August 16th:

  1. 1. The word’s first letter is S.
  2. 2. The term has a vowel.
  3. 3. The word is completed with the letter B.
  4. 4. The word’s vowel is U.
  5. 5. The term describes the act of cleaning.

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