17 Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures


17 Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures

1. Chrysanthemum

17 Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures








Chrysanthemums are considered auspicious in many cultures, and in China, they represent long life. Their spherical blossoms come in stunning, vibrant colours and sizes. These flowers are used as a symbol of sympathy throughout Europe.

For good luck, you might plant them on either side of the entrance.

2. Sage






Sage cultivation aids in removing all ills and bad energy. To keep any negativity out of your home, plant it next to the front door. The native Americans burn white sage as well to entice pleasant vibes and energy. It is a customary rite that has been carried out for centuries.

3. Basil








Sweet basil has cultural importance in Greece, and it’s said to bring luck and health. You can grow it near the front door for good fortune and ward off diseases.


4. Citrus Tree








According to Slavic mythology and Feng Shui, the citrus tree brings good luck and fortune. Plant a dwarf citrus tree on either side of the front door to block the negative energy flow.


5. Lucky Bamboo


According to Feng Shui, Lucky Bamboo is one of the most promising plants. When positioned close to the front entrance, it may deflect bad energy, provide luck, and draw in positive energy.

6. Jade Plant








The jade plant is long-living and requires little maintenance. The plant draws positive energy, in accordance with Kanso’s theory, which is based on the teachings of the Japanese Zen philosophy.

7. Areca Palm








According to Feng Shui, growing one or more Areca Palms right at the front door is a sure-shot way to attract positive vibes to the place while keeping the negative energy at bay.



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