Phasmophobia: The Secret to Finding the Ghost

Phasmophobia: The Secret to Finding the Ghost

Phasmophobia: The Secret to Finding the Ghost


Players have been embarking on ghost-hunting excursions since Phasmophobia’s initial release on September 18, 2020, yet the game is still technically in development and has evolved significantly since then. However, the most significant upgrade to the game has been Ascension, which entirely overhauled everything about the Phasmophobia with a new tier system.

Phasmophobia: The Secret to Finding the Ghost





What is the difference between equipment tiers in Phasmophobia?

In Phasmophobia, the difference between each equipment tier is function, not quality, as you might imagine. A higher tier does equal better quality for many items of equipment, but it does not always, as you may be looking for a different function that the highest tier does not provide.
The redesigned D.O.T.S. Projector is an excellent illustration of this. If you don’t know where the ghost is, carrying the tier-one version of this tool with you will be quite handy because it is the only tier that is entirely mobile like a torch. Tier three has the biggest overall space, but it cannot be freely carried from room to room.


In general, the tier you choose will be determined by your personal playstyle and preferences. The size of the terrain you’re playing on may also play an impact, as mobile equipment will be required on larger areas but not as much on smaller maps.

Some goods have had their names changed as a result of the new tier system. The glowstick and UV Flashlight are now tier-one and tier-two versions of this gear, falling within the larger Ultraviolet category. The same has been done for a few other types of equipment.

All tiers cost different amounts to unlock, but once unlocked, the cost to purchase them to bring to a ghost-hunting investigation is the same for each tier. This might be perplexing since you may believe that higher-tier products are far superior to lower-tier items, despite the fact that you pay the same price for each after the initial unlock.

All equipment tiers in Phasmophobia

  • Flashlight
    Tier I: An ancient and worn torch that provides adequate illumination but at a low level.
    Tier II: This is the elegant torch that existed before to the Ascension update. It is streamlined in size, radiates a significant quantity of light, and is quite brilliant.
    Tier III: The largest and brightest torch available to help you collect evidence and retain your sanity.
  • EMF Reader
    Tier I EMF Reader: Your first tier is an ancient analogue metre with a limited range and a proclivity for inaccuracy. It’s quite quiet, so it’s easy to overlook evidence from it, but when it does detect EMF five, the needle will jump off the charts, indicating that you’ve captured proof.
    Tier II: The EMF Reader’s intermediate tier is the traditional K2 Metre that you could use prior to the Ascension update. It’s dependable, accurate, and loud enough.
    Tier III: The advanced ParaReader can track three EMF spots at once and tell you their direction, range, and level. It also has the greatest range of all and can detect EMF from a long distance.


  • Projector D.O.T.S
    Tier I: A little laser pen version of the D.O.T.S. Projector that projects D.O.T.S. in the direction you point. This variant, like a torch, can be utilised while moving about.
    Tier II: This is the same as the previous D.O.T.S. Projector and can be affixed to most surfaces to display an array of D.O.T.S. throughout the region. You cannot transport it, but you can pick it up and move it as needed. The sole difference between this equipment and previous versions is that the ghost is no longer urged to walk through it when you are nearby.
    Tier III: The highest level projects the most light possible through a huge array of D.O.T.S. It analyses the entirety of the room to make spotting ghosts much easier.

Phasmophobia: The Secret to Finding the Ghost


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